Paulina Porizkova is the Epitome of Hollywood Glamour in Ethereal Lingerie Snapshots

Paulina Porizkova took our breath away first thing this morning with a collage of ethereal, Old Hollywood-esque lingerie shots taken in and around her gorgeous home, which she shared on her Instagram.

Porizkova posted four images, including one of the cover of her upcoming book, No Filter: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful
. In one photo, she’s seen wearing a retro coverup and thigh-high black stockings, sat on the edge of her dining room table while leaning gracefully on one arm.

Another photo shows her posing in a private yard wearing the same outfit, this time with the coverup loosely tied around her waist and draping off one shoulder. Underneath, she wears a gorgeous, full-coverage black lace bra with matching black underwear, and she has her tongue playfully sticking out for the camera.

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Another photo is captured over Porizkova’s shoulder into a gilded mirror, where she’s seen holding what looks like a sheet to her chest while looking into the camera’s lens. The final image shows her book cover, in which she’s posing at a vanity with her hands crossed under her chin, looking graceful in a silky slip.

The 57-year-old Swedish model reflected on the photoshoot in her caption, writing, “All these photos were taken by a young woman named Adeline Lulo. She came to my house by herself armed with just one small camera bag to photograph me for the @nytimes a year ago.”

Porizkova continued, “I did my own makeup and hair, and we spent less than two hours photographing in and around my apartment,” admitting, “Honestly, when I first saw her, my brain went totally ageist — she’s a young, pretty woman, and I thought ‘Eh, this is really more about the interview than the photos. I know how to do my job, I’ll make it easy for her.’”

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The model went on, writing, “During our photo session, I just kept pulling out stuff out of my closet — having no real fixed idea of how I wanted to look — and Adeline just gamely went along and photographed it all it true journalist style — simply witnessing me.”

Then Porizkova became gently self-aware, sharing, “When the photos came out, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was a little shocked by how good they were. A very good reminder that ageism goes both ways — and I just learned something new about myself.”

The model respectfully concluded, “Thank you Adeline; your talent humbled me, which I needed. I thought I was going to be the teacher here — and you totally turned the tables on me. I’m lucky indeed to have been your subject.”

Porizkova then teased her upcoming book, writing, “My book is available on preorder from your favorite bookstore now!” No Filter
is a memoir in essays about Porizkova’s thoughts on “the complexities of womanhood at every age.” The supermodel shares lessons she’s learned and explores “heartbreak, grief, beauty, aging, relationships, re-invention and finding your purpose.” The essay compilation releases on November 15, 2022.

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