'People who never buy one are thinking we should be checking our lottery tickets' – Irish Twitter is going Euromillions mad

The winning Euromillions ticket was bought in Ireland, prompting a wave of excitement equalled only by the abject disappointment felt by the rest of us now that that person has contacted the National Lottery.

Unlike the rest of us, the winner is, according a National Lottery spokesperson, “surprisingly calm and very together” despite winning a whopping €175m.

Rumours abound about where the lucky winner is from, but the location of the shop where that ticket was bought has yet to be confirmed.

Not even the mighty Sean O’Rourke on RTE Radio 1 could get so much as a hint about the winner and their whereabouts from the aforementioned spokesperson.

So, Irish Twitter is going nuts with speculation about where the ticket was sold (everywhere), colleagues airing suspicions about anyone pulling sickies (or simply enjoying a random Wednesday off), and fantasies about how we’d spend the cash.

And, of course, there are the requisite jokes about the cost of the National Children’s Hospital and the price of a house in Dublin…

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