Pharrell and NIGO's SAKE STORM COWBOY Releases a Complete S2 SET

Adding to its recent releases, Pharrell and NIGO‘s SAKE STORM COWBOY brand has released a complete “SAKE STORM COWBOY S2 SET.”

Launched by longtime collaborators, the Japanese sake name’s offerings are produced by celebrated distiller Ohmine Shuzo. It is interesting to note that SAKE STORM COWBOY’s sake won a gold award in the sake category at International Wine Challenge 2020.

The SAKE STORM COWBOY S2 SET features three taste levels: LIGHT PRESS, MIDDLE PRESS and HEAVY PRESS. All pressed from the same fermentation tank at different, the different variations all feature unique flavor profiles that together express a full drinking experience. Additionally, each set comes complete with a papier-mâché ornament bottle that replicates the design of SAKE STORM COWBOY’s signature packaging.

Priced at ¥55,000 JPY (approximately $475 USD), the SAKE STORM COWBOY S2 SET is available now exclusively on HUMAN MADE’s website.

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