Pioneer Introduces Beginner-Friendly DJ System

Pioneer has long been a leading name in the world of DJ gear and products and it’s now releasing a more beginner-friendly DJ system with the DDJ-FLX4. The reinvented model packs a range of new easy-to-learn features like track mixing and applying expert-level sound effects, posing as a smooth introduction for anyone looking to pick up DJing.

The DDJ-FLX4 boasts a two-channel DJ controller that features a simple design, taking inspiration from Pioneer’s DDJ-400. The new DDJ-FLX4 is equipped with a Smart Fader and a Smart CFX for a professional feel. Smart Fader allows users to transition from one track to another seamlessly. By moving the crossfader between both tracks, the controller automatically adjusts BPM, volume, and bass volume creating a smooth transition. Smart CFX allows users to add pro-level combinations of effects to the track with just the turn of the knob. A USB audio microphone output is also placed on the controller to remove the need for audio mixers or sound cards to add vocals to a track.

Rekordbox DJ software pairs nicely with the DDJ-FLX4 systems’ improved features. Updates to the software coming in 2023 will allow users to utilize the DDJ-FLX4 controller from any IOS/ Android smartphone, tablet, or iPad. Other programs like Serato DJ software are also compatible with the model with both softwares allowing users to sync and play music files from their device and songs from TIDAL, Beatport Streaming, Beatsource Streaming, and Soundcloud Go+.

The DDJ-FLX4 pricing starts at $325 USD and is now available at

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