PlayStation dev should be fired for promoting Starfield demands crazed gamer

A God Of War developer has explained how console wars ‘don’t exist’ within the industry, after calls for her to be fired for playing Starfield.

Starfield has been bringing out the worst in people even before it launched. Its Xbox exclusivity prompted some very angry PlayStation fans to sign a petition to have it, and all future Bethesda games, become PlayStation exclusives to ‘punish’ Xbox fans.

Naturally that didn’t work, but it highlighted just how unreasonable and petty some gamers can get. But that’s not even the worst of it.

Alanah Pearce, a writer at God Of War developer Santa Monica Studio, has recently been playing and livestreaming Starfield. As such, one random Twitter user thinks this is cause enough for PlayStation to fire her for ‘promoting’ a rival’s product.

‘Alanah Pearce should be fired for promoting Xbox games on a public platform like this,’ they wrote. ‘Extremely unprofessional and demonstrates a lack of loyalty and seriousness to PlayStation, her employer.’

Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be satire, as they even tagged PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst and Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog, as if they’re exposing Pearce’s crimes to her bosses.

Even if Barlog hadn’t previously defended Pearce, when she was harassed over God Of War Ragnarök’s delay, no reasonable individual is going to fire their employee for playing a video game from a rival company.

In fact, in a response video from Pearce, she says that both Barlog and Hulst are currently enjoying Starfield themselves, as well as how ‘the console wars don’t really exist inside the industry.

‘The truth is the games industry has people sharing around all the time between many of these companies because there are only so many jobs available in game development,’ explains Pearce.

Not that Pearce has to defend herself since, from what we can see, literally no one agrees with the idea that she should be fired over this. In fact, Pearce mentions how the commenter temporarily disabled replies when their tweet took off.

Regardless, they appear unwilling to retract or apologise their statement, having also tweeted, ‘Just finished watching the video Alanah made about me. Felt longer to sit through than playing through Ironwood on God of War Ragnarök. I’ll leave it at that.’

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