Popular Hong Kong onscreen couple Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang reunited for charity

Remember the characters Chai Kau and Fourth Wife played by Hong Kong actor Wayne Lai and actress Sheren Tang respectively in the TVB period drama Rosy Business (2009)?

The roles not only propelled Lai and Tang to stardom, they were named Best Actor and Best Actress at the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2009. The television serial also won Best Drama Series.

Lai, 56, and Tang, 54, are back together, not as an on-screen couple, but doing good deeds.

On Thursday (May 28), Tang posted on social media photos of her, Lai and several others preparing meals for low-income families.

She also posted a photo of her and Lai together with the caption, “We meet again after a long time.”

The photo was shared by Lai on his Weibo account, with the caption, “Sharing our care together.”

Several netizens said the photos of them together made them nostalgic for Rosy Business and they hoped to see the pair back together on screen.

Rosy Business was so successful in 2009 and Lai and Tang’s pairing so popular that TVB produced a companion piece starring most of the original cast, No Regrets, in 2010.

No Regrets was critically acclaimed during its broadcast and the second highest-rated television drama of 2010 after palace drama Can’t Buy Me Love.

已經好耐冇見過祥仔,你估我哋久別重逢又合作做咩呢?佢每次都話我接得嘅工作佢一定冇問題,二話不說就答應。我哋簡直係入得廚房,出得片場的好拍擋😂 #有祥仔柴九醒哥在我就放心 #超嚴謹小姐和冇所謂先生就系最佳拍檔😆

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