Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Reportedly Heading to Hollywood With This Surprising 180 Career Change

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can really do it all. No, seriously, think about it: they’re one of the most versatile power couples in the public eye right now. Along with their Netflix docuseries and Harry’s bestselling memoir Spare, we know Meghan can act from her time on Suits, and we’re sure they rock karaoke night whenever they get to it. And don’t even get us started on their charity work and sleek fashion because we could go on. However, a new report shows that they’re adding a new entertainment role to their repertoire, and it’s a total 180 from their usual work.

While we’ve come to know them in front of the screen, it seems they’ll be doing some behind-the-scenes work, specifically with producing. Not just that, because you may be asking yourself: “What kinds of projects will they produce?” For those that guessed documentaries, you’re wrong this time. It seems Harry and Meghan will be trying their hand at producing romcoms.

An insider told the Telegraph that the two plan to move away from documentaries to the fiction side of the entertainment industry, saying, “There will be more of a heavy focus on fictional, scripted content. It will be romcoms, feel-good and light-hearted programs.”

This makes sense when you keep in mind that the two signed a multi-year deal with Netflix back in 2020. So it seems their docuseries was only the beginning of a hopefully long entertainment career.

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