Prince William Is Reportedly Taking a Very Cautious Approach as Prince Harry Explores This New Venture

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While it’s said that many members of the British royal family are breathing a sigh of relief after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they had “nothing left to say” about the royals, some aren’t as ready to relax. In fact, royal insiders are claiming that Prince William is remaining as cautious as ever.

“King Charles and other royals — including William’s wife, Kate [Middleton]— are optimistic this is a huge step in the right direction and they won’t have to worry about more nuclear attacks, for a while at least,” a palace insider said to RadarOnline. “But for William, it’s a case of believing it when he sees it. And it doesn’t lessen how infuriated and hurt he is about all the mud that he’s been slung.”

It’s no secret that William has reportedly been quite angry about Harry and Meghan’s media ventures such as Harry’s memoir Spare and their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

But within the past few weeks, the Sussexes claim they’re ready for a new chapter. However, William allegedly doesn’t think it’ll stick, despite wanting to “think the best” of his little brother.

“He finds it incredibly rich the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to have put out this olive branch and highly doubts either Harry or his wife will stick to it,” the source added. “It’s an uphill struggle convincing William there’s any hope left. He really does believe the damage is done. He’s been burned way too many times to have much, if any trust, left.”

The brothers have been estranged for some time now, with the turning point being Harry departing from the UK to live in California with his family of four. And while quite a few people are skeptical of Harry and Meghan’s sudden change, it seems no one is more suspicious than his older brother.

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