PT Torino Progressive Talents Chapter 2 Reignites the Spirit of The Masque Club

PT Torino’s Progressive Talents series premiered last year at Milan Fashion Week with a short film that brought togethera collective of creatives from different walks of life. Not only did it showcase their individual skills, the installment revealed how the connection with PT Torino has elevated their show-stopping identity within their respective fields.

The latest Progressive Talents episode takes on a similar story arch, presenting six new creatives who enter a mutual space to spotlight their talents. Coordinating with its Spring/Summer 2023 collection that references The Masque underground club from the ‘70s, the feature is directed around the theme of Californian punk-rock with a sense of bold fluidity and nonchalant energy permeating across the visuals.

Naturally, each artistic individual stars in the feature with a hand-selected outfit from the ‘70s inspired collection. As stylist Alessandro Benvenuti adorns a boxy metallic jacket worthy of his garish style status, photographer Federico Hurth suits up in a PT Torino classic tailored trouser and shirt combo.

Like the transportive SS23 campaign film released last year, the style choices in the new chapter aim to reflect the talent’s personalities, providing an authentic way for them to speak to their audiences.

Explore PT Torino Progressive Talents Chapter 2 in the gallery above. To shop PT Torino’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, head to the brand’s website now.
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