'PUBG' Season 12 Adds Limited-Time Racing Game Mode

Season 12 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is arriving this month, and part of the update will include a limited-time racing mode.

Working in collaboration with Spanish motorcycle company El Solitario, PUBG has created a new mode allowing players to race through the harsh and dusty terrain of Miramar. You’ll be able to choose from going solo or racing in a squad, and ride custom bikes created by El Solitario known as Desert Wolves, which are based on the 2017 Harley Davidson Roadster. The game mode itself will run from June 2 to 14.

Other details regarding the rest of the racing game mode are scarce at this point, but PUBG will be announcing more updates soon. Those interested can check out the teaser above while you wait for more information to come.

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