Rachel Bilson Hints She's Happy to Move On From ‘Self-Involved’ Exes Like Bill Hader

Joining the Call Her Daddy podcast as this week’s guest, Rachel Bilson revealed she’s found herself a new partner after her split from Bill Hader. While she didn’t reveal who her new flame is, she did divulge that she has a “type:” self-involved men.

Keeping the public’s assumptions at bay, Bilson explained, “This is a generalization. I think I’ve dated quite a few actors, and I do think that some of them, not all, have very self-involved tenancies.” She continued to repeat that not all of her exes have fallen into self-involved territory, but many of them have, and it’s a theme she explicitly said she does not like.

Bilson continued to smother any assumptions about her past lovers, graciously sharing that the self-involved tendencies do not apply to her ex-partner, Star Wars icon Hayden Christensen, who is the father of their 7-year-old daughter Blair. Speaking to their amicable co-parenting relationship, Bilson said with sparkling clarity, “I will say with respect for my daughter’s father, he is not like that.”

Neither confirming nor denying whether her current partner is also in showbiz, Bilson mused that she is open to dating someone outside of Hollywood, but since her acting career is so much a part of her life, she tends to date fellow actors. She explained that when “it’s literally someone you’re spending mostly 12 hours a day with,” you’re going to get to know them well because of the sheer amount of time spent together, and sometimes the natural chemistry between actors on set bleeds into real life.

Bilson’s new relationship follows her 2020 split with Hader, which she previously shared was difficult for her to move on from. Now that she’s over the Saturday Night Live alum, she brazenly joked on her own podcast that the thing she misses most about Hader is his “big d—.” Whoever she’s moving on with, let’s hope they have all the qualities she liked about her exes and not the qualities she’s hoping to avoid.

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