Rare X-Men Comic Book Goes for $800,000 USD at Auction

A 1963 X-Men comic book racked up a record-high price of $807,300 at a recent auction as the resale value of collectables continues to soar.

The fast-paced auction took place online at www.ComicConnect.com with over 50 bidders and wrapped up on June 24. “The winning bid came from an American who invests in many types of collectibles, but sees vintage comics as a rising alternative asset class,” ComicConnect COO Vincent Zurzolo said in a statement.

The comic was created during what collectors call the “Silver Age,” delineating comics created from 1956 to 1970. It also features the first appearance of X-Men leader Professor X.

Eight years ago, the same X-Men #1 comic sold for a fraction of the recent sale at $250,000 USD.

“Collectors know Silver Age values will only keep rising.” Zurzolo said. “That’s why we’re seeing such heated bidding when these rarities come up for auction.”

X-Men comics in particular have skyrocketed in value since Disney’s acquisition of the franchise in a 2019 merger with Fox.

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