Reese Witherspoon's New Photos With Her Lookalike Mom Show Us the Blueprint For Daughter Ava

If you take one look at Reese Witherspoon’s mom, Betty Reese Witherspoon, then you know that this family has a blueprint when it comes to genetics. The Oscar winner’s gorgeous mama celebrated her 74th birthday on Aug. 18, and it’s clear that the entire family is blessed with good looks and a warm smile from the photos shared with her fans.

The carousel of snapshots with her mom show off the same face shape and beautiful blue eyes we see in granddaughter Ava Phillippe — the three generations of women are doppelgängers for each other. You can tell how close the 46-year-old actress is to her mom just from the caption alone. “Happy Birthday to the most amazing Mama in the whole world,” she wrote. “Every day I get to hear you laugh while you tell the best stories is such a gift! Please keep bringing the sunshine into our lives.”

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Reese, who was given her mom’s maiden name, has often talked about Betty being the source of her inspiration for some of the strong characters she’s played onscreen. Her mother worked as a labor-and-delivery nurse at Nashville’s Vanderbilt hospital and Reese praised her for being able to “take care of seventeen babies at once” — an unflappable personality. “And the crying of the babies! The noise! She said she didn’t even hear it,” Reese recalled to Vogue. “I remember being so in awe of my mom. She always had a positive attitude, always laughing, always telling a joke, and she always had a billion friends at work. She just loved the women she worked with.”

Given Reese’s memories of her mom in the workplace, it’s no surprise that she’s taken on Hollywood herself and challenged them to tell more stories from a woman’s point of view. Her role model knew how to raise an empowered daughter, who is now an entertainment industry mogul.

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