RIMOWA Heads to the Moon With Latest Space-Inspired Case

RIMOWA has followed up its “Mars and Mercury” capsule with another space-inspired release. For the latest drop, the legendary luggage label has looked to the Moon, recreating its surface on the RIMOWA’s signature grooved aluminum construction.

The Moon-inspired print — showcasing its cratered landscape — appears across the Original Cabin suitcase. This design is contrasted with red and white detailing, as well as a white leather luggage tag with red edging, colors chosen as a subtle nod towards the space suits worn by astronauts.

The Original Cabin Moon is set to release in extremely limited quantities. Only 750 models have been produced, a reference to the 750,000 kilometer round trip from RIMOWA’s Cologne headquarters to the moon and back on the day of its launch.

RIMOWA’s Original Cabin Moon case will release at the label’s stores on November 10.

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