Sage Nation Reworks Archival Garbstore Pieces for Exclusive Capsule

London-based retailer and label Garbstore has partnered with emerging designer Sage Nation for a new exclusive capsule, featuring upcycled pieces from the brand’s archive. Sage Nation has reconstructed and reimagined the archival pieces to create new items, with just 32 units produced in total and many being entirely unique.

Key items in the collaborative capsule include three-dimensional pleated trousers — a key motif of Sage Nation’s designs — that are constructed from old shirts, as well as panelled shirts made from Japanese Cordura and a 2-way bag produced from an old Duffel coat. Every piece in the collection is then finished with a hand-pressed “Archive Editions” stamp.

Speaking to HYPEBEAST about the project, Sage Nation explained the origins and influences of the “Archive Editions” project. “It’s the first time I have done a rework project,” he says. “The collaboration with Garbstore challenged my thought process as we approached design as an extended narrative instead of creating brand new product.” This process, however, did create challenges. “Re-imagining archive garments meant working with what we had, the range of sizes available often made it only possible to produce 1-of-1. With this in mind, the final products are available in very limited quantities, which is cool, it adds a level of exclusivity to the project.”

“It was about stripping back to the fundamentals of garment construction and getting tactile with my work again,” he continues. “Re-working and re-purposing the garments improves their efficiency and lifespan. Product design requires an evolving psyche, especially when creating tools or any utility item. It’s about improving the functionality of the piece while maintaining its aesthetics. It was a great project in which to showcase a slightly different side to SAGE NATION. It’s interesting to see what my take could be on pre-existing designs. Garbstore is a brand that has been around for a long time and has a great history of working with the types of brands that have informed what I do today.”

Take a look through Sage Nation’s “Archive Editions” project with Garbstore in the gallery above. The collection is available from the Garbstore web store and physical location now.

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