Slam Jam and Fuct Pay Homage to '90s Streetwear With Debut Capsule Collection

Erik Brunetti’s FUCT imprint joins forces with Slam Jam for a five-piece capsule collection that mirrors the former’s streetwear influence and deep roots in skate culture.

Featuring tees, hoodies, and accessories, every piece is embellished with the brand’s car-inspired Oval Parody logo. The symbol is embroidered on cozy beanies and co-branded caps, also stamped on the chest of black hoodies and T-shirts. Additionally, Slam Jam’s anarchy-style emblem is seen on the flipside alongside text that reads “A FREELY CONSTITUTED CULTURAL ECO-SYSTEM FRAMES BY (UN)FORMAL MEMBERSHIP AND (UN)CORPORATE UNIFORMS.” Finally, a blue marbleized skate deck rounds out the collection with dual logos at the front and FUCT’s recognizable emblem blown up on the opposite side.

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Currently on view at Milan’s Spazio Maiocchi art gallery, the Oval Parody exhibition promotes Brunetti’s brand logo as a dominant streetwear figure. Twelve acrylic artworks are spread across the space, mounted atop a vibrant red structure that stands at the center. As the display closes its doors, the gallery’s storefront is converted into a pop-up shop presenting a newly-released artist book celebrating the brand marking.

The KALEIDOSCOPE-published art book will be available at Spazio Maiocchi’s Artifact pop-up shop from October 28 to October 30. The FUCT x Slam Jam capsule collection will drop online via Slam Jam, FUCT and Slam Jam retail locations.

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