Spy: Inside Paul Henry’s ‘secret’ wedding to Diane Foreman – and his new business venture

Paul Henry has opened up on his marriage to businesswoman Diane Foreman, saying they are both “gloriously happy” – and he’s revealed how plans for their secret wedding leaked out.

The broadcaster reveals in his new book that he had not wanted to take away from his daughter Bella’s wedding a week before, and he and Diane had simply invited guests to a house-warming in Auckland, in March.

“… so almost no one knew I was getting married. People thought they were attending a house-warming. We intended to and did call people a few days before to let them know what it really was, as those sorts of surprises on the day can be disastrous,” writes Henry in his new book, I’m in a United State.

“The New Zealand Herald found out and ran a story about our rumoured wedding on the Thursday and so we stationed two security guards at the gate to prevent unwanted eyes. I have no interest in promoting my personal life although, interestingly, I am doing it in these pages. I’ve never talked so personally in previous books. It must be part of my ‘United State’.”

He said he and Diane – who both turn 60 this year – had “known each other for many years”.

“I have looked out for her and she for me. We were briefly together many, many years ago, but the media attention on our relationship and other pressures pulled us apart.

“Until about three years ago I was with the wonderful Linzi. We separated only because of a particular circumstance beyond our control. I love her dearly and always will. The worst thing about this coming weekend will be how sad it will make Linzi. I wish she could be there, but that’s so much to ask that I will not ask it. We will, I hope, be best friends for life.”

Henry said Diane looked gorgeous “but most importantly she was gloriously happy. As was I”.

It’s another big week for Henry with the launch of his new wine and the new book.

New Zealand’s most colourful broadcaster is rolling out his third pinot noir with Invivo, the wine company famous for its collaborations with Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Henry says he wanted to make a new wine that would prove an intellectual match to his new book, which reflects on his life in the US and journey back to New Zealand during the pandemic.

He gave Invivo & Co a call as soon as he stepped back into his home country, fresh out of quarantine from his second home in Palm Springs.

The first two batches of Henry’s V3 pinot noir were released in 2016 and 2017 and both of which were record sell-outs. Now wine shop Glengarry has purchased almost all of his third batch.

He describes it, at $30 a bottle, as brilliant value for money.

“Remember, it’s not what a wine costs that matters, it’s what it’s worth compared to how much it costs and I’ve used only the finest pinot noir grapes from Central Otago.”

Henry’s wife, Diane Foreman, doesn’t drink alcohol but is very tolerant of his almost obsessive love for red wine. He says his daughters are wonderfully happy drinkers and he is proud to say they have a refined palate for good reds, especially his.

With US election week looming, the 60-year-old, is a huge fan of many things stateside, and says his new Pinot is more of a Trump blend than a Biden blend as it will be a little unpredictable, rich, smooth and certainly not dull and boring.

Henry will bring that unpredictability to Glengarry Wines Victoria Park this Friday for a tasting and bottle-signing before taking both his wine and book tour national.

“My new book, I’m in a United State, is marked by how honest it is,” Henry tells Spy.

“It really is exactly how my life is and how I feel, written over the first six months of this year. From changing my first-ever nappy, something I’m rudely proud of not having done before 2020, in spite of having three daughters,”

Henry talks US elections and his love affair with the US, saying when people read the book , they will probably realise they already share much of what he loves about America.

Don’t rule out a meeting of the Invivo-ambassador minds, post-pandemic of Henry, Norton and Parker. Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne said they hope they can make that happen.

“There would be many laughs. Graham and SJP know each other already. Paul has some great stories, and is very easy going, I am sure they will enjoy his company.”

As for Henry, he is more of a Norton than Parker blend.

“I’m very fond of Graham and I share much more in common with him than I do Sarah Jessica Parker. However, I know her to be very funny and on 73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker/ Vogue, she is better than any other celebrities I have seen. Obviously, we all share a love of brilliant wine,” says Henry.

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