Starfield bugs include missing faces, missing torsos and invasive aliens

It may be less buggy than previous Bethesda games, but Starfield players are still encountering some very weird issues.

Prior to its launch, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty proudly described Starfield as Bethesda’s least buggy game yet… which isn’t exactly saying much considering Bethesda’s reputation.

It’s been over a week since Starfield’s early access launch and it seems Booty’s claim was accurate; this is the most bug-free game Bethesda has put out.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t got any, though, as a quick scour through the internet will quickly demonstrate how many weird, sometimes hilarious, technical issues Starfield suffers from.

One common example is characters missing most of their heads, leaving just a pair of eyes and teeth, which is more terrifying than any alien creature you’ll encounter.

The below clip features a number of characters missing their heads although some of them lose their torso instead, rendering them a floating collection of limbs.

Perhaps the most bizarre example we’ve come across is a claim by Valve engineer Fletcher Dunn, who says they were unable to fire any ranged weapon after loading a save file.

Their solution? Changing their player character’s gender. ‘I really don’t understand what kind of code can even produce bugs like this,’ says Dunn.

Time will tell how much of this gets ironed out by Bethesda, although don’t be surprised if fans get to them first. They were preparing to fix Starfield’s bugs long before the game was even out.

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

I just hit a starfield bug where when I load from a save, I cannot fire ranged weapons. Melee works, but not ranged. Googling, several people the a fix is….to change your gender. Not joking.

I really don’t understand what kind of code can even produce bugs like this, tbh.

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