Stars and fans show up to pay last respects to Yammie Lam

A memorial service held on Friday (Nov 9) for the late Yammie Lam drew a crowd of 300, stars and fans alike, who paid their last respects to the former TVB actress at St Anne’s Church in Stanley, Hong Kong.

Lam, who was baptised in the church in 2013, was found dead in her home last week. She was 54. The authorities do not suspect foul play and no note was found in the flat.

Lam’s elder sister was at the service but kept a low profile and was reportedly not seen speaking or crying.

Several of Lam’s contemporaries who have acted opposite her also showed up. Michael Tao and David Siu, who were in The Greed Of Man – one of Lam’s best known TVB drama – were spotted at the service.

Sheren Tang, who was reportedly Lam’s friend, was also at the service, dressed in full black.

Dicky Cheung, known for his roles in The Duke Of Mount Deer and Journey To The West, also showed up. He read a scripture for the actress. Apple Daily reported that Cheung said he did not know Lam well but he came to send Lam off as they are both Catholics. She was also apparently a neighbour of Cheung’s church mate.

Former TVB actress Maggie Chan also read a scripture during the service and choked up during her reading.

Superstar Maggie Cheung, The Greed Of Man alums Sean Lau and his wife Amy Kwok did not show up but they sent floral wreaths.

While she was once famous both for her beauty and her acting, Lam’s career and life took a downturn in the late 1990s, after a car accident which left her hands and neck injured. She was also reportedly suffering from mental health issues.

In 2006, she was declared bankrupt and eventually had to live off financial aid.

Fans of Lam have ached for the actress’ troubled life. Some paid their tributes by leaving flowers dedicated to Lam beside the memorial hall. One fan stood outside the hall and held out a banner which said: “Big Brother, come out to apologise!”

While he did not specify who he was referring to, he told reporters: “Everyone knows who it is.”

He was later asked to leave by church staff.

Lam had revealed in a 2013 interview that she was raped by two “big brothers” of the entertainment industry. The names were censored out of the interview but a clip surfaced earlier this year, in which Lam purportedly named actor Alan Tang and veteran funnyman Eric Tsang as her attackers. Tang died in 2011 and Tsang has vigorously denied the rumours.

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