Stephen Colbert slams Donald Trump’s comments on climate change report

Stephen Colbert is unsure why Donald Trump thinks the U.S.’s latest climate change report is just “fine.”

On Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host slammed U.S. President Donald Trump’s response.

Throwing to a clip of Trump being interviewed by a reporter, the president said he didn’t get a chance to read much of the report. He said the report was “fine.”

“If I had to describe this report in one word it would not be ‘fine,’” the host said. “It would be a different word that begins with F. As in if you don’t believe in climate change at this point you are fined in the head.”

The late-night host also called out the White House for releasing the report the day after Thanksgiving. Critics like Al Gore claimed the president tried to bury the report.

Colbert joked the White House hid this year’s climate report in a Tupperware with leftover Thanksgiving food, a place where no one would look.

The report predicted a decline in crop production, an increase in food and waterborne illnesses and even higher death rates in the U.S. linked to climate change.

Watch the full segment from Wednesday night in the video above.

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