Steve Lacy Releases Music Video for “Helmet”

Steve Lacy has released a new music video for his “Helmet” from his last album, Gemini Rights. 

The new music video comes shortly after his sophomore album’s first anniversary as it was released on July 15, 2022. The sonically funky, yet emotion-laden track sees Lacy discuss his anger/frustration towards a partner who he can’t let go of and vice versa. “I tried to play pretend (Oh)/Try not to see the end (Ah)/But I couldn’t see you the way you saw me/Now I can feel the waste on me/I tried my best to be worth all your while/You just gotta let me go as I’m tryna let go of you,” sings Lacy in the chorus.

Bringing the track to life, the music video shows the in his bedroom and closet cycling through the stream of emotions. From continuously flopping on the bed to laying on the ground and even standing in the corner, the video’s constant rotation aptly matches the song and discussed the relationship’s cyclical nature.

Steve Lacy also won his first Grammy with Gemini Rights as the album took home the award for Best Progressive R&B Album earlier this year.

Check out the music video for “Helmet” above.

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