Stranger Things release date revealed in new teasers for third season

Netflix put out a new teaser video and poster, revealing that the retro sci-fi-horror will be back on 4 July – US Independence Day.

The image – published on Instagram – has the tagline: “One Summer Can Change Everything.”

It features the familiar cast of young protagonists watching fireworks as Eleven stares off in another direction at the show’s mysterious evil presence.

The actors, such as Mille Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin and Finn Wolfhard, are tagged in the post.

A new video teaser has also been put out.

It shows a local New Year’s broadcast from 1985 slowly turning “upside down” as the familiar theme music kicks in.

The upbeat second season finale, which saw the characters pair off at their high school dance, ended with the ominous Shadow Monster again looming large.

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