The Best Selling Mangas You Should Read In 2021

There are some mangas you should definitely pass on reading and others that are a must in your collection. And if you have read manga for a significant chunk of your life, it may be harder to find something that fits your preference and developed taste. The worldwide market for manga has seen its difficulties, but right now, it’s heading higher than what we have ever experienced before. The format is gaining popularity outside Japan, perhaps on its way to be equals with comics.

The biggest publishings that have a fanbase waiting for them are getting translated so fast, you can buy them as soon as they hit the shelves in their origin land. That’s why, unlike in the past, you can now read all the worthy titles in real-time as they are being released. This list will include quite a few genres, as well as different age ratings. I am sure there is a manga for each one of you, you just have to dig deep enough into your interests and find out what it is you are craving.

The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai

This work has a plot that will keep you on the edge from episode one. It’s absolutely brilliant, both from a story perspective and the love that was put into creating it. All the characters are unique and make you connect to the story in a way that you didn’t think was even possible.

Falling into the thriller and horror genre, the narrative follows three young orphans in a strange orphanage. Soon they discover that the facility is actually managed by demons, who are breeding humans for feeding on them later on. This story will strike you to the core and make you rethink how you live your life day to day. Check an amazing Japanese review of the manga on, if you’d like to learn more before putting it on the screen.

Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama

This iconic manga has been a fan favorite for years since its release. Basing its plot on one of the four classics of Chinese literature, the novel Journey To The West, its archetypal story will resonate with any human. It covers widely known themes such as pilgrimage, sacrifice, and trials of life.

The series focuses on Son Goku, who is himself based on the mythical Chinese creature Monkey King. Goku, an extraterrestrial raised by humans, must save the world by finding the great dragon balls before his enemies do so. Its storyline is full of life lessons the character has to learn, relationships and his way in the world, and the many battles he has to grow from.

Don’t mistake this for a simple fighting comic. The battles are as much metaphorical as they are physical, and the philosophical foundation of the series is based on real-life teachings such as Buddhist, Taoism, and Confucianism. Other than entertaining yourself, you will also learn profound new ways of thinking. There is also a very popular animated series of the same name, and to help you decide which format to experience first, read this article by CBR.

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

There is not a single manga or anime compilation list out there that doesn’t include this breathtaking story. The message that the series holds is perhaps one of the most important ones you should hear in your life: Never Give Up. The plot will definitely inspire you to do great things with your life, as well as motivate you to act now. From an entertainment standpoint, it’s unmatched by any other Japanese title in the genre.

There are many underlying themes, perhaps all you can think of in just one show. It’s full of comedy, adventure, action, love, and horror. The characters will leave you wondering what’s going on in their minds, as well as develop strong emotions, both positive and negative ones towards certain heroes and villains. One thing it will not do is leave you without caring for the show. Naruto has a charm that goes beyond even traditional manga fans. It’s popular all over the world for a good reason.

The visuals of the series also “speak volumes”. You really have to watch to know what I am talking about. You have never seen such diversity in costumes, people, battles, and cultures as there are in this series.

Closing Thoughts

All of these titles are finished more or less, meaning it’s a complete work of art that you can examine, from start to end. There are many new promising releases every now and again, and who knows, maybe everyone’s favorite manga isn’t even written yet.