The Crown season 4 trailer teases Charles and Diana’s ill-fated love story

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s ill-fated love story is the theme of The Crown’s season 4, and it’s something of an anti-fairytale.

Netflix just dropped a full-length teaser trailer narrated by Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie, who married the couple in their 1981 wedding ceremony.

Over flashbacks to the couple’s failing relationship, the archbishop says,”Here is the stuff of which fairytales are made: a prince and a princess on their wedding day.”

“But fairytales usually end at this point, with the simple phrase ‘They lived happily ever after’.”

But, as we know, they didn’t.

Runcie’s prayer at the royal wedding is ironic, considering the relationship’s trajectory. Season 4 follows the closely supervised romance between Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, and Emma Corrin’s Diana.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth, played by Olivia Colman, sees another tumultuous period of her rule, with hints of illness, death and the installment of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, played by Gillian Anderson.

The series has been leading up to Charles and Diana’s relationship for three seasons, with season 4 picking up in the late 70s as the royal family aims to safeguard the line of succession through Charles’s marriage.

Glimpses of the lavish wedding and Diana’s iconic wedding gown can also be seen in the trailer.

The series returns to Netflix on November 14.

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