The Gorillaz Will Release an Art Book Next Spring

Fans of the Gorillaz will be delighted to see a new art book on the prolific UK band. The accurately titled publication sees co-founder, Jamie Hewlett showcase his favorite illustrations alongside a carefully curated list of over 40 guest artists.

2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs are reimagined through an artistic pastiche that includes the likes of Ruff Mercy, Kim Jung Gi, The Cure‘s Robert Smith, and more. “Gorillaz have always collaborated with music but this is the first time we’ve done an art collaboration,” said Hewlett in a statement, adding that he’s “really enjoyed working with so many of my favourite artists and the result is this amazing book.”

Published by Z2 Comics, the book spans 288 printed on 150 gsm Périgord luxury art paper and expertly bound in Verona, Italy. The Gorillaz Art Book will release on April 22, 2022 and is available to pre-order for $89.99 USD.

In case you missed it, “Z E N A X” is on view at Library Street Collective.
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