The Last Of Us infects East London with creepy cordyceps exhibit

A gruesome looking exhibit of a dead body covered in fungi has been set up in London to promote The Last Of Us on PS5.

Back in January, Sony kicked off a new PlayStation 5 advertising campaign by depicting some of its most iconic game franchises in real world locations.

This has so far included setting up temporary exhibits and structures in cities around the world, like a statue of one of Horizon Forbidden West’s robot dinosaurs in Sydney and Kratos’ axe from God Of War: Ragnarök in London.

As part of the campaign, and no doubt to tie in with the final episode of The Last Of Us, which aired earlier this week, a new exhibit based on the Naughty Dog title has popped up in London and it’s quite gruesome.

Located at The Events Green, Boxpark, Shoreditch in East London, it depicts what’s left of a person sat on a sofa, their remains having been overrun by the cordyceps infection from The Last Of Us.

A PlayStation 5 controller can also be spotted nearby, with the tagline ‘You’ve seen it, now live it on PS5’ printed on the wall behind the corpse.

Sony even goes so far as to identify the body as a gamer who was infected as they were playing The Last Of Us. That’s a great way to advertise your game. ‘Play The Last Of Us and you too can become a decayed corpse!’

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