THE SKATEROOM Links up With Mark Gonzales on New Triptych

Back in the summer, THE SKATEROOM worked with the Museum of Modern Art to honor the late-Pop Art master, James Rosenquist in a triptych set featuring atomic iconography. The collective is back again with a new set of wall art, this time tapping the shoulder of acclaimed skater-turned-artist, Mark Gonzales.

Gonz’s enigmatic personality helped shaped the sport into the internationally revered subculture it is today. More than just a skate icon, however, his art has become just as instrumental to his impact on-and-off the board. The three limited-edition boards, Untitled A (Peach), Untitled B (Green) and Untitled C (Lavender), are produced across 150 beautiful skateboard editions (50 of each). Additionally, there will be an ‘extremely-limited’ run of pieces that will drop at THE SKATEROOM webstore on February 24, that features 10 editions of each board uniquely altered by the hand of Gonz’ himself.

The collaboration coincides with Gonz’s new solo exhibition, “Ready To Articulate,” which opens at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles on February 19.

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