These Celebrity Couples All Tied the Knot on the 4th of July

Independence day is a holiday with sparks flying…literally. From fireworks to flags, this is a day full of gathering with family and friends…and of course, enjoying a nice cookout under the hot summer sun (who can resist a juicy burger or hotdog fresh off the grill?) Choosing your wedding day can be both stressful and exciting. Some couples decide to celebrate in the spring, others choose a snow-filled winter wonderland.  As we’ve seen with baby names, many celebrities like to take the road less traveled. These stars chose to combine their special day with the celebration-filled Independence Day. To ring in the Fourth we’ve decided to share a roundup of popular celebrities couples who got married on the festive holiday.

You may be surprised at just how many celebrities have chosen this day to make their love legal. Even Victoria and David Beckham, who aren’t American, got married on the fourth. By the way, their wedding was pretty extravagant, in a giant castle near Dublin, Ireland. But what else could we expect from this fashion-forward, luxurious duo?

Another star-studded couple you may not have expected to exchange vows on this day; Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. In 2015, they tied the knot and not much is publically known about their special day. The pair chose to keep their ceremony super private, which makes sense, seeing as their relationship gained quite a lot of media attention.

These are just a few, of many, who chose to make sparks fly during the firework-filled festivities. We’re curious to see just what celebrities we’ll be adding to our list this year…we have a feeling there will be some shocking surprise ceremonies.

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