This Is How 'Game Of Thrones' *Actually* Ends

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers. 

It may well be that the Game of Thrones finale is the most-hyped episode of television of all time. It’s certainly the most-hyped in recent memory — even if viewers insist that they hate season 8 and everything it stands for, they can’t seem to stop tuning in. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of theories surrounding Game of Thrones, guessing at everything from romantic entanglements to who kills who.

So, how does this epic, sprawling, maddening eight-year saga play out? Key spoilers have leaked about what goes down in the season finale — but in a true testament to how devoted the GoT fanbase is, we couldn’t find a single member of the SheKnows editorial team willing to read those spoilers ahead of Sunday’s episode. Instead, here are some (educated) predictions that round up the most popular and plausible theories. Enjoy them while you still can — in two days, this will all be over.

Here’s how we think Game of Thrones will end. Right now, Dany has just burned down King’s Landing. She likely still has a robust (and self-satisfied) Army of the Unsullied and Dothraki army, plus Drogon (no small asset). Jon and Tyrion, who previously supported her, will now actively plot against her. On their side, they have the Northern army, plus whatever allies Sansa has managed to rally from Winterfell — and we suspect that’s not a small number. Varys was sending letters before his execution, no doubt to tell other houses of Jon Snow’s lineage and support his claim to the throne. If he’s smart (and Varys was), he’d know he wasn’t long for this world, and would instruct recipients of his letters to turn to Sansa for how to proceed.

Sansa has proven herself adept at rallying forces before (remember the Battle of the Bastards?), and she made it clear last we saw her that she planned to get Jon on the throne, whether he liked it or not. She could instruct the heads of the other noble houses to report to King’s Landing and declare their allegiance to Jon in front of everyone. If this happens before Jon and Dany have spoken privately, she’ll likely try to kill him on the spot. But more likely, there will be a private confrontation between Jon, Dany, and Tyrion.

Dany will no doubt try to kill Jon and Tyrion, likely with Drogon and Greyworm at her side. Greyworm will attack Tyrion at Dany’s command — Jon will step in and save Tyrion, killing Greyworm. Dany will try to burn Jon using Drogon, but Drogon either won’t obey or Jon won’t burn. The witnesses to this (hopefully, many of Dany’s remaining soldiers) will realize that he is a Targaryen, and has an equal (or better) claim to the throne. Dany, in a helpless rage, will try to kill Jon herself — and Arya will step in and kill her.

With the heads of the Houses on Jon’s side, and some of Dany’s army having witnessed Jon’s Targaryen powers, there will be nothing standing in the way of him taking the throne — except that he still doesn’t want it. Jon will turn to Sansa and Tyrion, calling them the two wisest people that he knows, and ask them to rule in his place. He will return to the North as King of Winterfell, and Arya will go with him. Drogon will mourn Dany for a while, but ultimately accept Jon as his new family. As for Bran? Honestly, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. He may be the statistical favorite to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but nothing he’s done his entire time on the show has made logical sense, and we cannot and will not speculate further.

There you have it — that’s the end of Game of Thrones. Don’t like it? Well, we’re sure you’ll be in good company.

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