This Prince Believes Prince Harry's Solo Outing to the Coronation Proves He's 'Suffering'

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While many members of the British royal family reportedly have harsh feelings about Prince Harry’s departure in 2020, it seems he has an unlikely ally that believes he’s really “suffering” behind the scenes.

Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy recently told FOX News that he believes Harry is going through a really rough time, and his solo outing to King Charles III’s Coronation proves it. “I felt a bit sad when I saw him at the coronation of King Charles arriving alone… because he’s still the son of the king of England,” he said. “I’m sure he’s suffering a lot about what is happening.”

Filiberto added his opinion on Harry’s controversies, saying, “I think private matters should stay private in families.”

“I know what it feels like to be part of a royal family, to have this blood that is in you. I’m the last person to try to judge people because I also did things that were completely out of, let’s say, the protocol, I wanted to present myself to the Italian people,” he said. “So I did television, I accept everyone and the only thing I wish is happiness so that they could be able to [(raise) their children in another life. And in the end, we’ll see who was right and who was not.”

For those that may be unaware, the similarities between Filiberto and Harry are quite apparent. For instance, they’ve both been embroiled in controversies in the past decade and have abdicated in some way.

Filiberto’s first controversy was back in 2015, when he and aristocratic journalist Beatrice Borromeo were in a legal battle. Borromeo broke a story on Filiberto’s father’s confession related to Dirk Hamer’s death, to which Filiberto sued for defamation. He was in another major controversy three years later when he tried to launch a political campaign that would restore the Italian monarchy to its “former glory,” according to SCMP.

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And much like how Harry abdicated in 2020, Filiberto abdicated his claim as heir apparent and gave his place in the line of succession to his daughter Princess Vittoria of Savoy, per UNILAD.

Now, as for what Filiberto thinks about the Spare author’s choices, he simply ended the interview by saying, “… You grew up to be like this. But you know, it’s [their] choice and God bless them. And I hope they will have a wonderful life.”

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