This Viral Clip of Meghan Markle Hugging a Teen at Windsor Castle Is Proof She's Just Like Diana

Meghan Markle is like Princess Diana in more ways than just her fashion sense. In a viral video clip of the Duchess of Sussex greeting mourners at Windsor Castle, she shared a warm conversation and a touching embrace with a teenage girl who wanted to pay her respects to Queen Elizabeth II and “show [Meghan] she’s welcome here… after everything that’s happened [with the royal family].”

In the video, Meghan gingerly walks toward the crowd, approaching a young woman who she greets and asks what her name is. The teen shares her name is Amelka, to which Meghan responds “Amelka? Oh, how beautiful.” The Duchess continues, “Thank you for being here; it means so much to the family. We appreciate it,” with an expression of gentle gratitude. She then asks Amelka how long she’s been waiting, and when the teen tells her about two hours, Meghan gushes her thanks on the family’s behalf once again.

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Before she moves on to greet other mourners, Amelka bravely asks Meghan, “Can I hug you?,” to which the Duchess responds “Of course!” The two shared a tight embrace that lasted a few beats and looked to be comforting for them both, creating an extremely touching moment reminiscent of Princess Diana interacting with the public.

In a later interview, the teen shared, “It was just quite an amazing moment; I’m still shaking now. I can’t really explain what the feeling was when she did it, but it was really nice.” When asked why she wanted to hug the Duchess, Amelka said, “I guess I just felt like I needed to in a way, like I really wanted to just at least hug her because I look up to her in some ways and it just felt like it was the right thing to do.”

While Meghan has a rocky relationship with the royal family and the UK media, it’s clear that a great many people admire her and want her to know that, like Diana, she’s a princess of the people even if she’s at odds with the House of Windsor.

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