Tina Turner only followed six Instagrams – one of them was a unexpected popstar

Tina Turner kept her following list on Instagram fairly exclusive at just six accounts, and one of them may surprise you.

Let’s start with the other five – Beyoncé was selected for a follow, which makes sense as the pair performed Proud Mary together at the Grammys and also she’s a global superstar.

Next up is Adrienne Warren, who won a Tony award for her portrayal of Turner in the Broadway musical Tina — The Tina Turner Musical. Turner also followed Rhino records, Parlophone and Tina the Musical itself.

Taking the sixth and final spot is Cheryl! The English popstar must have felt pretty honoured when she got that notification.

One person on Twitter shared their theory as to how it may have occurred, and it involves another singer – Cher.

They wrote: ‘Much will be written about Tina Turner’s legacy – and rightly so. An icon and a legend. However, now we may never know if she meant to have Cheryl Cole as one of her only 6 follows on Insta or whether she simply scrolled too far past Cher…’

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