Tinder's Upcoming "Swipe Party" Feature Lets You Invite Friends to Help You Swipe

Tinder is developing a new feature called Swipe Party that will allow users to invite friends online to help them select dates. The upcoming feature was first discovered by Dutch blog Gratisdatingtips and has not yet been officially announced, though Tinder has confirmed that it is currently in the works.

According to coding details on Tinder’s mobile app, Swipe Party will require users to allow access to their device’s camera and microphone so that friends can “see and hear you while vetting prospects,” according to TechCrunch. Additionally, the feature would let users join a session by providing their phone number, which would need to be confirmed with a code, as well as their name and date of birth.

The feature builds on the already popular in-person activity of swiping through Tinder with friends, making the process a virtual experience by allowing users to invite guests to give feedback on their swiping decisions remotely. Swipe Party follows the wider trends of shared browsing, like that with Apple‘s SharePlay, and shared streaming, which has been made available by platforms including Hulu, Prime Video and Disney+, that grew in popularity due to social distancing requirements during the COVID pandemic.

Stay tuned for more details on Tinder’s upcoming Swipe Party feature.

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