Toyosu Fish Market $275,000 USD Bluefin Tuna Sale Signals F&B Recovery

News of Toyosu Fish Market‘s January 5 tuna auction in Tokyo has just indicated that prices are recovering for tuna. Recorded in the worst stages of the pandemic for Japan, where a 208-kilogram bluefin sold for ¥20.84 million JPY ($202,580 USD at the time, currently just $157,763 USD), prices for tuna were roughly $974 USD per kg — a far cry from 2019’s $11,151 USD/kg price seen at Tsukiji.

This time around, things seem to be recovering as a giant 212 kg bluefin tuna was sold for ¥36 million JPY ($275,000 USD) which brings the price per kg up to the $1,300 USD mark. This increase in demand signals a return of the F&B industry in Japan brought on by an increase in tourism.

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