Unboxing: Nyjah Huston Tries New Tricks with His Special Edition ROG Strix Laptop

Republic of Gamers has teamed up with professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston to apply his signature style to a special edition of the ROG Strix Laptop. From the outer packaging to the display screen graphic, the new laptop has a customized design that’s inspired by Huston’s personal aesthetic and influenced by street skateboarding in urban, concrete environments. HYPEBEAST linked up with the skater to unbox his collaboration with the computer company and to learn more about the skateboarding elements that informed the ROG Strix Laptop.

Featuring a sleek black colorway, the top of the box prominently displays Huston’s skull and skateboards logo, which is embossed with a special finish that can be activated by a UV flashlight. As Huston opens the box for his ROG Strix Laptop, you’ll notice the ROG branding on the top, which is composed of cityscape elements in acrylic material. Lifting the acrylic case off of the laptop’s container creates a faint whistling sound, which sounds like the wind when you zoom by on a skateboard. Even the texture takes Huston’s sport into consideration; the outer shell of the laptop has a texture inspired by the rough terrains of skateparks instead of a traditional smooth surface and is accompanied by a UV-activated skull pattern. Huston’s signature can be found on top of the box, on the laptop sleeve and at the bottom of the mouse, rounding out the packaging.

The computer itself continues to tell Huston’s story with subtle touches and exclusive features. Once the ROG Strix Laptop is opened, Huston’s skull logo appears in a customized wallpaper that users can download from the ROG website. When viewed with a corresponding Instagram filter, an augmented reality experience will appear on your smartphone. The laptop’s keyboard is fully customized with personal details, like lines on the number keys to represent the scars he’s gotten while skating. The keyboard comes to life with different RGB lighting, which Huston describes as “so tight.” Underneath the laptop is a miniature skate bowl and a set of fingerboards: one that’s designed to look like Huston’s Olympic board and one that’s designed by ROG. His special edition laptop also includes a skateboard-shaped mousepad and a mouse with his signature skull logo.

Join Huston as he takes a closer look at the ROG Strix Nyjah Huston Special Edition Laptop in the unboxing video above. Interested fans can head over to the brand’s website for more information and to purchase the laptop.
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