Vanna White's 'Wheel of Fortune' Contract Negotiations Are Likely To Get 'Ugly' After Sony Reportedly Resists Paying Her What She's Worth

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Hollywood studio seems to be very reluctant right now to paying talent what they are worth, and Vanna White knows this tale all too well. After not receiving a raise over the last 18 years, she’s fighting to get a well-deserved increase in her salary at Wheel of Fortune

It looks like she’s halfway there after she signed her Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contract with a “meaningful bump” from her prior salary, according to TMZ. She will reportedly earn $100,000 per episode, which still doesn’t even come close to Pat Sajak’s $400,000 per episode pay rate. White’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, tried to get Sony closer to $200,000, but they wouldn’t budge. 

The tougher negotiations are still in play for the syndicated version of Wheel of Fortune, but contract talks are stalled due to the ongoing SAFG-AFTRA strike (negotiations are not allowed during this time). However, the media outlet’s sources indicate that “the parties are far apart.” She currently earns $3 million per year to Sajak’s $15 million per year, even though they are both introduced as the co-stars of the series — there seems to be a gender-gap issue here. While some critics may argue that Sajak does more heavy-lifting during the show, it’s White who has been a bigger draw when it comes to popularity — she brings something meaningful to the table. 

After Sony turned down what White’s legal team viewed as a “fair figure,” an insider is warning the studio that “it’s gonna get ugly if they don’t get more serious.” Fans will have to wait and find out if she gets the money she deserves as the SAG-AFTRA strike shows no signs of slowing down.

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