Vera Wang Shows off How Cool Her Daughters Are in Rare Family Photo for Thanksgiving

Vera Wang, known for her iconic wedding dresses, chic and contemporary style, and inexplicable ability to defy aging, gave fans a rare glimpse into her family life this Thanksgiving. The designer shared three photos on Instagram of herself standing alongside her “squad” — which included daughters, Cecilia, 32, and Josephine, 29 — cooking up what looks to be an absolutely delicious Thanksgiving feast.

“Girls just wanna have fun…. …to my squad. Cecilia for the beautiful table scapes Josephine for the cheddar cheese crusted apple pie and Sin for her much beloved TURKEY DINNER,” Wang, 72, captioned the set of photos. Even in a somewhat oversized black apron and matching chef’s hat, Wang manages to look as stylish as ever. Her daughters stand on each side of their mom, giving the camera a small smile.

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Wang also took a quick break from cooking Thanksgiving dinner to show off the bottom half of her outfit: a silky silver skirt with a slit up the middle, revealing thigh-high, floral-patterned boots with a stilettoed heel. Just another day in the kitchen, no big deal!

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Of course, Wang also shared a glimpse of her family’s Thanksgiving table setting, which her daughter Cecilia put together. Clearly, she has inherited her mother’s classic but contemporary style. The plates are neutral-toned and delicately rimmed with gold, and they sat neatly on top of a simple black place setting. A crystal wine and water glass were set at each seat, and a short crystal vase housed a small bouquet of white roses in the center of the table.

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Wang’s daughters usually stay out of the spotlight. The designer and her ex-husband Arthur P. Becker adopted both Cecilia and Josephine during their 23-marriage, which came to an end in 2012. As far Wang’s approach to parenting, it is as effortlessly chic sounding as you’d expect. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she had a more “hippie” approach than her own mom, and that she wanted her girls to be able to grow up however they wanted to: “I don’t live through my kids. But I do know what will happen in life, and I just want them well prepared.”

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