VILLAZAN Hosts Adam Handler's Nostalgic Artworks in "For You" Exhibition

VILLAZAN presents a solo exhibition titled “For You” by New York-born artist, Adam Handler. Showcasing a collection of his works created over the past nine months, the exhibition offers a mini retrospective of Handler’s painting and sculpture practice spanning the last 12 years.

Born in NYC and raised in Long Island, Adam Handler’s deep passion for art was nurtured during his time spent at his family’s framing factory in Brooklyn. After studying Art History at the State University at Purchase and engaging in Classical Life Drawing in Italy, Handler’s artistic journey has seen his works exhibited worldwide, establishing him as a prominent figure in contemporary art.

The exhibition sheds light on Handler’s latest series of works, including his battleground paintings, Ghost Cut-outs, and Bronze sculptures. Curator Janet Lehr describes Handler’s art as reducing characters to puristic shapes and textures reminiscent of uninhibited adolescence, skillfully integrating figure and background, akin to the sophistication seen in Willem de Kooning’s figures. Moreover, it holds particular significance for Handler as it pays tribute to his family’s heritage from Spain, with the title “For You” dedicated to his late grandfather who played a vital role in shaping his artistic sensibilities. Handler’s recent visit to Spain evoked a deep emotional connection, making this exhibition a poignant testament to his grandfather’s influence.

In conjunction with Adam Handler’s solo exhibition, a limited edition sculpture related to the Ghost Cut-outs series will also be presented. “For You” will be on display at VILLAZAN from June 8th to July 1st, inviting art enthusiasts to experience the profound introspection and personal narratives embodied in Handler’s captivating creations.

“For You” is on view through July 1. Head to VILLAZAN’s website for more information.

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