Watch TechRax Test the Apple Watch Ultra's Durability

For those wondering just how durable Apple‘s new rugged Apple Watch Ultra is, TechRax has the answers. The $799 USD Apple Watch was designed to be the more outdoors-friendly version of its sibling, with a titanium case and MIL-STD 810H3-tested specs. It is also rated IP6X and sees larger buttons for access when wearing gloves, and a durable nylon sports band.

In the test video above, TechRax goes on to compare how earlier versions of the Apple Watch would crack from a four-foot drop, and then proceeds to drop the Apple Watch Ultra where it makes it out with minor scratches. He then shakes the entire watch in a plastic jar of nails before moving on to the final test — the hammer. This is where the Apple Watch Ultra shows its strength. After beating on the watch several times with a steel mallet — even damaging the surface behind the watch — the Ultra continues to work.

Eventually, the watch shuts off from harder hits and TechRax goes full power on the watch, smashing its display. For those wondering how durable the new Apple Watch Ultra is, check out the video to see the full stress test.

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