'We can clarify that it is actually 2019' – New Year's Eve revellers spot typo projected on to Sydney Harbour Bridge

You had one job.

Sydney’s annual New Year’s Eve celebrations are world-renowned.  The midnight fireworks are simply spectacular, with a billion people watching worldwide.

However, during this year’s show some eagle-eyed attendees were a little confused as projected on to Sydney Harbour Bridge was the message, “Happy New Year 2018!”.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the fireworks cost $5.78 million and is Australia’s largest public event.

The typo (it is actually 2019 in case you’re wondering) was a small error, but one which caused a bit of a stir on social media.

Speaking to the SMH, New Year’s Eve executive producer Anna McInerney said the team were able to have a giggle about it.

“It takes 15 months to organise an event of this size and scale,” she said. “It was a mistake but we can clarify that it is actually 2019.

“Let’s focus on the great stuff that happened last night, it was incident-free despite a little bit of lightning.”

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