'What about me?' Girlfriend of HK singer Steven Cheung caught by surprise after he marries fan

Steven Cheung, half of Hong Kong musical duo Boy’z, had a career-uplifting concert to look forward to.

Boy’z were slated to take over a performance slot at the Hong Kong Coliseum that was vacated by Andy Hui after he was caught kissing TVB actress Jacqueline Wong in April.

The September concert would mark Boy’z’ first show at the Coliseum, where all the big names play.

Now, Cheung, 34, is in woman trouble himself.

He recently posted that he is married to a fan, model Au Man-man, and he shared a photo of them celebrating their baby’s 100 days.

This caught netizens by surprise, since he has always been linked to long-time girlfriend April Leung.

Leung was also shocked, with her posting: “May I know what’s going on?”

She added: “What about me? Don’t you think you have something to say to me?”

She lashed out at Cheung over the absence of any communication from him to clarify matters and noted that “all your clothes are still at my place”.

Leung dropped another bombshell, revealing that he owes her money.

The HK01 portal reported that three other women have since told the media that they were also in relationships with Cheung after he wooed them with sweet talk.

The singer previously confessed that he had a sex addiction.

The backlash has now led to the axing of the Coliseum concert.

A devastated Kenny Kwan, the other Boy’z member, said: “I’ve been wanting this for more than 10 years. This was my wish and dream.”

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