Woman heartbroken over boyfriend’s death receives shocking message from ‘friend’

Losing someone you care about is an absolutely horrific experience.

Each person handles death in their own way and should be given all the time they need to grieve and mourn their loss.

But one man clearly didn’t have any respect for his friend’s grieving process after her boyfriend passed away.

The woman was sent several shocking text messages from her so-called ‘friend’ attempting to make advances on her – despite telling the man to back off as now was not the time.

Screenshots of the vile messages were shared on Reddit, after the woman initially posted them on Facebook .

The poster claims the man in question was meant to be a "nice guy", but his words tell a different story.

The unnamed man begins by telling the woman he is sorry for her loss and that she can call him anytime.

She thanks him, but he see, to want something more, so he adds: "Anything at all even if you just want someone to talk to."

The woman doesn’t reply, so he keeps at it, sending yet another message.

"Please just know all the bs that we have been through I will never love the way I loved you."

Understandably, she quickly tells him that she’s "really not in the mood" to have this kind of conversation.

And, it’s fair to say, the guy doesn’t take well to her rejection.

"Ok sorry for being in love with you," he writes. "Glad you look at me as such a piece of s*** when you were my life.

"Don’t worry will never text you again."

At the end of her tether, the woman sets the record straight, saying: "F***ING STOP OR I’M BLOCKING YOUR NUMBER, my boyfriend just died do you get that?"

But the man clearly does not get that and his next messages are so heartless.

"Bye. Maybe if I was f***ing dead maybe you would care," he texts.

He adds: "Driving home hope I die and you miss me as much."

People on Reddit were appalled by the man’s words.

One person commented: "That’s beyond psychotic."

A second added: "He’s probably thinking ‘Yes, she’s single! Here’s my chance.’ What a piece of s***."

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