Woman reveals what your name tastes like – and it’s bad news for Meghan Markle

A woman who can taste people’s names is causing widespread hilarity.

Jesus is a Malteser, Georgia tastes like a big fat ball of wool and Grace is a soft turnip in a pot of vegetable soup.

And while Millicent is a bowl of lightly-browned mince, Lucy tastes like a bag of strawberry laces and Ross resembles a Greggs sausage roll.

Julie McDowall has an unusual condition called synesthesia which means her sensory systems are more entwined than normal.

Part of the affliction means the individual can join objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception like smell, colour or flavour.

On Sunday evening, the Glasgow journalist posted: "I have synethesia which means I can ‘taste’ words. Ask me what your name tastes like."

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The tweet subsequently went viral with thousands of Twitter users asking what she associated with their name, Plymouth Live reports.

Ms McDowall later tweeted she had received an excess of six million notifications over a 24-hour period and would not be able to sort through the backlog of monikers.

In order to screen the requests, she introduced a Paypal filter.

Users were invited to donate to her weekly nuclear war podcast, The Atomic Hobo, in exchange for the sampling of three names.

The donation amount is unspecified and presumably can be as large or a small as you like.

"Erin is a cola-flavoured boiled sweet which has been dusted in cocoa powder," reads one tweet.

She continues to state that Hannah tastes like an off banana, Amy is a packet of raw bacon strips and Shane tastes like furniture polish.

Adrian is an Aero bar, Charlotte a raspberry lolly and Leah is "thick, gloopy custard".

Rebecca is shortbread and Jamie is rain on a window pain.

And Meghan Markle is particularly off the wall, tasting like plain broken Hula Hoops and an itchy scab respectively.

Kate Middleton, on the other hand, is a "hearty slice of cake".

Donald is a rubber duck, sliced in two and dipped in vinegar.

Louise is soft toffee and Benjamin is a combination of ginger and the clear plastic handle of a screwdriver.

Paul tastes like the fondant inside a Creme Egg and Scott is a Rich Tea biscuit.

William and Julie are both watering eyeballs.

Rob and Robert are both heads. Rob is a robber’s head. He is wearing a balaclava and if you bite his head you see it is made full of chocolate.

Robert is a gnome’s head and biting it shows it is full of strawberry fondant.

Unfortunately for Duncan, he is a burp. And Joe is a leathery, chunky button on an old man’s cardigan.

The scientific name for Ms McDowall’s condition is ‘lexical-gustatory synesthesia’, a form only 0.2% of the population has.

The perceptual phenomena has been traced back as far as the 17th century where it is reported a blind man experienced the colour scarlet when he heard the sound of a trumpet.

It does not just have to be flavours though, some names conjure up feelings or images for Ms McDowall.

For example, Ingrid is beads on an abacus and Eleanor is grey tissue paper being ripped.

What does your name taste like?

  • Aaron – a state chocolate bar

  • Amelia – muesli

  • Brandon/Brent – flat Coke

  • Brian – little shreds of coconut

  • Charlotte – raspberry lollipop

  • Danielle – spaghetti hoops

  • Donald – rubber duck dipped in vinegar

  • Duncan – smoky bacon crisp burp

  • Gavin – smooth, silky vinegar

  • Grace – a soft turnip in vegetable soup

  • Graham – cold stew

  • Hannah – a tasteless banana

  • Jeanne – salty pea soup

  • Jesus – Maltesers

  • Katie – Madeira cake

  • Keith – minty chewing gum

  • Lee/Leah – custard

  • Lindsey – a cold can of Lilt

  • Madison – ear wax with chocolate

  • Mia – rice pudding

  • Nick/Nicole – a biscuit dipped in vinegar

  • Oliver/Olivia – watery, tasteless onion

  • Ross – Greggs sausage roll

  • Sam – tuna

  • Sandra – a green Polo fruit sweet

  • Sean – a mouthful of furniture polish

  • Sebastian – lovely, soft caramel

  • Sharon – A stale Cadbury’s Flake

  • Timmy – a fizzy Refreshers sweet

  • Wendy – watered-down orange juice

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