Wong Kar-Wai Has Penned 'Chungking Express' Sequel

Wong Kar-Wai has written a sequel for his critically-acclaimed Chungking Express (1994). The director has been appearing in headlines as of late, like the announcement to show a 4K restoration of In the Mood for Love at the upcoming Cannes festival. Wong is returning to the big screens with a follow-up to one of his most revered films.

Various sources have reported that the new sequel will be titled Chungking Express 2020, following a story that will be set in the future: 2036, in Chongqing, China. The plot appears to be as dynamic as the original, telling semi-fragmented stories through the perspectives of multiple characters. While Wong, technically, expanded on Chungking Express with Fallen Angels (1995), originally meant to be the sequel, the movie ended up becoming more of a spin-off. “I see the films as inter-reversible, the character of Fay Wang could be the character of Takashi in Fallen Angels; Brigitte Lin in Chungking could be Leon Lai in Fallen Angels,” said Wong in 1998. Wong is currently serving as the screenwriter, so there’s potential for a different director to lead the production. Furthermore, it appears cinematographer Christopher Doyle will not be returning to man the cameras for this film.

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