Wu Xiubo slammed for reporting alleged mistress

SHANGHAI• Chinese actor Wu Xiubo has been slammed for his “un-gentlemanly” actions over his handling of an alleged affair.

The parents of actress Chen Menglin said he had asked her to return to China from abroad to settle their matters, only for her to be arrested by the police.

The parents added that he had told the authorities that Chen had blackmailed him.

The Global Times reported that Chen had posted last year about her seven-year romance with Wu, accusing him of ditching her for other women.

She claimed to have spent almost all of 2016 in a hotel room doing his laundry and cooking for him while he was working on a television show.

Her parents said the couple later reached an agreement over a “break-up” fee.

Chen left China but Wu, 50, did not pay her the full sum.

Wu’s lawyer, in response, said Chen was arrested for suspected extortion.

Wu’s wife posted online that her family was blackmailed for 18 months by Chen, who could face 10 years in jail if convicted.

While Wu has drawn flak over his straying ways, some netizens also think that Chen is no angel and have branded her as a gold-digger.

Meanwhile, the impact of the scandal has spread to other areas.

A romantic comedy A Boyfriend For My Girlfriend, starring Wu and Bai Baihe, was slated to open on Feb 5, the first day of Chinese New Year, but that has been scrapped, with no new date mentioned.

And TV serial City Of Desire, which stars Wu and Angelababy, is now reportedly headed for a Web release.

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