X-ray vision: artist reveals objects' essence in new UK museum

LONDON (Reuters) – X-ray images of people and everyday objects have gone on display in a new gallery in Britain, where visitors can watch photographer and artist Nick Veasey at work as he creates his revealing pictures.

Process Gallery in Kent, southern England, opened this month showing Veasey’s collection of X-ray creations, including posing subjects, cars, a handbag, cameras and clothes.

The gallery features an X-ray chamber where the 56-year-old creates his work using radiographic imaging equipment, allowing visitors to see the creative process.

“My work is a statement against superficiality,” Veasey said.

“It shows how things are made and what they truly exist of. There’s no photoshop, airbrushing, it’s just a real forensic investigation.”

Veasey, whose work has been on display around the world, owns the gallery. On top of his own images, he plans to exhibit work by other contemporary artists.

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