XPeng Plans to Mass Produce Road-Capable Flying Cars by 2024

Following successful flight tests of the Traveler X2, EV car manufacturer XPeng recently revealed its newest flying car concept at its 1024 Tech Day, where the company showcases its latest innovations.

Developed by its affiliate HT Aero, which has raised $500 million USD in Series A funding, the unnamed vehicle is slated to enter mass production by 2024 at a cost of less than $157,000 USD. Unlike most urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles, the XPeng flying car is also capable of driving on regular roads thanks to a foldable mechanism that retracts its rotors. Equipped with an environmental perception system that can evaluate surroundings and weather, as well as a flight control algorithm to help pilots avoid obstacles, the vehicle is designed to operate in urban areas and will be sold directly to consumers. The flying car will also utilize supercharging technology which gives 200 km range per five minutes of charge and comes equipped with airbags and a parachute.

“Our exploration of more efficient, safer, carbon-neutral mobility solutions goes far beyond just smart EVs, and is the cornerstone of our long-term competitive advantages,” said XPeng CEO He Xiao Peng. “We strive to implement cutting-edge mobility technologies in mass-production models for the benefit of our customers.”

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