YG boss refutes talk that incriminating evidence linked to BigBang singer Seungri was removed

SEOUL – When boxes of documents were spotted loaded into two trucks just one day after Seungri was questioned by police, netizens wondered if there was a bid to dispose of incriminating evidence.

Last week, the BigBang singer had been questioned for more than eight hours over allegations of drug use and provision of sexual services to VIP customers in his Burning Sun club.

The Chosun Ilbo reported that the trucks had turned up at 6am, with dozens of boxes transferred over two hours.

“It appears that a singer from YG Entertainment who had voluntarily visited the police the day before had asked for a large amount of shredding,” the newspaper alleged.

But the boss of YG, which manages BigBang and has seen its share price taking a beating, has rubbished speculation that the firm and Seungri had anything to hide.

On Sunday (March 3), he told the My Daily portal that he had personally looked into the matter and found out that the disposal of documents was a routine procedure that was done every three months.

To prove that everything was above board, YG had contacted the disposal company not to shred the documents which “are currently being stored in a warehouse”.

To further back up his point that there was no cover-up, YG released its timetable for disposal of documents for the first quarter of this year, to show that any proximity of the Feb 28 document collection to Seungri’s questioning the day before was purely coincidental.

Meanwhile, the police have said that Seungri, whose upcoming shows in Osaka and Jakarta have been cancelled by YG, could be recalled for further questioning.

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