YOSHIROTTEN Readies Large-Scale Installation Exhibition, Titled "SUN"

This past Spring Equinox (Sun Day, March 21), Japanese contemporary artist YOSHIROTTEN unveiled his “SUN” exhibition. The unveiling came after a series of early looks in the form of video screenings at Shibuya’s Rainbow Disco Club, Gasbon in Yamanashi, and an audiovisual performance at MUTEKI.JP. Set at the parking lot of the National Stadium in Tokyo, the 2000 square meter space serves to convey the large-scale installation exhibition.

Referencing his constant moves between the realms of fine art and commercial commissions, digital and physical, urban youth culture and environments, “SUN” features 365 digital images created by YOSHIROTTEN in 2020 during the pandemic. The art is composed of various techniques and media, including installations, NFTs, aluminum prints, vinyl records, and books.

The works were created daily as a way for the artist to transform his limitations into creativity, focusing on the sun and reflecting its surrounding colors. The 365 silver sun images are painted by hand using digital tools with different and unique impressions, named depending on their creation date. At the installation, YOSHIROTTEN has put together monolithic figures, large LED screens, projections, and environmental music.

Releases for the “SUN” exhibition include 365 original A1 aluminum unique prints, a book published by POST-FAKE using high-quality technology by SunM Color, A5 acrylic mini monolith, and a vinyl record with environmental music by Takayuki Isayama. Additionally, NFTs that evolve over 365 days will be available through NFTag provided by PBADAO Co., Ltd. and StellarCapital LLC. NFTag offers an ERC-based wallet, which means that those without a wallet can easily receive and purchase the NFT.

National Stadium Large Vehicle Parking Lot
10-1 Kasumigaokamachi,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,

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