YOSHIROTTEN's Graphics Emboldened on New Ceramics Collection

YOSHIROTTEN has unveiled a small pottery collection emblazoned with some of the Japanese artist’s graphics.

This lineup uses bold prints of T-shirts and long-sleeves released by TOKiON the STORE last year. There are four ceramics in total: three plates, ranging from small to large, and a cup. Each ceramic is made using a 17th-century method, originated in the town of Arita in Saga, Japan, finished with sleek gray and vermillion coatings — traditional Japanese colors.

According to YOSHIROTTEN, the intended use of the ceramics is for eating Soba, but, of course, they can be used for pretty much anything. The collection also comes with a set of T-shirts, long-sleeves and sweaters that have been printed with “TOKiON” branding

YOSHIROTTEN’s pottery collection is currently available at TOKiON’s website, ranging from ¥2,200 – ¥13,200 JPY (approximately $20 – $120 USD).

In case you missed it, here’s a look back at TOKiON the STORE and AMKK’s graphic-filled Evangelion capsule.
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